Commissioning and Maintenance


We are able to Commission CP and ACM systems using most of the industry-recognised techniques including:

  • ON/OFF Potential Surveys
  • Waveform Analysis
  • Close interval Potential Surveys
  • Pipeline Current Mapping Surveys
  • Data logging Surveys (for stray current analysis)
  • Interference Testing

The above are conducted using the same equipment and technicians described in the section on Surveying above.


As many owners/operators of CP and AC Mitigation systems do not have trained maintenance personnel, a demand has developed for the regular monitoring and routine maintenance of such systems.

ACE Contracting have a dedicated maintenance division who carry out the routine functions described above as well as responding to breakdown situations. Using sophisticated data-logging equipment and computerised analysis techniques; CP and AC mitigation systems are maintained in prime operating condition.

In addition to the above, remote monitoring and control of Cathodic Protection Transformer Rectifier Units in critical applications is offered. Such monitoring is from a PC based platform operated from our central control room.

An archiving and reporting service is offered providing the client with peace of mind regarding the safety and integrity of assets.