Prior to construction various surveys are conducted to determine the corrosion risks to a buried structure in a specific environment and to design…Read more

Where a turnkey solution is required, ACE has the experience and capability to offer the solution…
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In order to be self-sufficient and competitive and thereby offer the best service, it has been our policy to acquire and maintain in-house all of the resources required ….Read more

ACE Contracting have a dedicated maintenance division who carry out the routine functions described above as well as responding to breakdown situations…Read more

Associated Corrosion Engineering (Contracting) (ACE) is the largest private organisation in South Africa that specialises in cathodic protection corrosion control and protection of metal structures. More than 150 ACE engineers are currently supplying Cathodic Protection and Induced AC Mitigation services to clients in South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique.

Since the mid-1960s, our specialist knowledge has helped control corrosion in the pipelines of some of our Southern African clients.We’ve attained a 7SD rating from theConstruction Industry Development Board(CIDB). Thus, we’re eminently suited to provide a full turnkey service relating to all aspects of the Cathodic Protection and Induced AC Mitigation of pipelines and other underground structures.

As the premier company in corrosion control and protection of metal structures in Southern Africa, we are not only aclient-focusedorganisation, but also anemployee-focusedorganisation. We look after our employees. To this end we subscribe to a stringent safety management programme under NOSA.