Surveying Capabilities

Prior to construction various surveys are conducted to determine the corrosion risks to a buried structure in a specific environment and to design any CP or ACM systems. We own equipment to perform all of the commonly performed surveys and ACE Technicians are proficient in the following:

  • Soil resistivity surveys
  • Soil corrosivity surveys (pH, SRB, soil-type analysis, etc.)
  • Stray current surveys and Interference Testing (DC and AC)
  • Current Drainage surveys
  • Groundbed Surveys
  • Coating defect surveys (DCVG, CIPS, PCM, etc.)
  • Coating resistance surveys

ACE employs a number of full-time technicians with many years experience in the local Cathodic Protection Industry.

Our inventory of specialist equipment includes the following:

  • Soil Resistivity Meggers
  • MicroEye Voltage Data Loggers*
  • PIM Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG) Sets
  • Radiodetection Pipeline Current Mapping (PCM) Sets
  • Garmin Sub-metre Accurate GPS Receivers
  • Synchronised Current Interrupters
  • Portable DC Power supplies
  • Soil Boxes, Reference Electrodes, Meters,etc.

* MicroEye Voltage Data Loggers are ACE’s proprietary high-accuracy digital data loggers which interface with our in-house developed data analysis and management software.

ACE has performed many pre-construction and maintenance surveys for gas, fuel and water pipelines for clients including Sasol Gas, PetroSA and DWA&F amongst others. Our Management has extensive experience in data collation and management as well as the logistics of data gathering on cross-country pipeline routes.