Manufacturing and Procurement

Since inception ACE (Contracting) have strived to be self-sufficient in as many areas as possible. Today the range of products fabricated and assembled at our Crown Mines, Johannesburg facility includes:

  • Cathodic Protection Transformer-Rectifier Units
  • AC Coupling/Decoupling Devices
  • Reference Electrodes
  • Flange Insulating Sets
  • Pre-cast concrete test stations, route markers and electrical enclosures
  • Equi-potential Earth Mats
  • Sheet-metal and light structural steel work
  • Casing Insulators and Casing Seals
  • Electrical Junction Boxes

We have agencies for the following quality industry related products sourced from a local and international supplier network:

  • Monolithic Insulating Joints
  • Various types of anodes for Impressed Current CP systems.
  • Zinc Products (Anodes)
  • Magnesium and Aluminium Products (Anodes)
  • Specialized CP cables
  • Low Resistivity Earth Contact Backfills (Calcined Petroleum Coke and Gypsum/Bentonite mixtures)